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The AAA Publishing Network
The AAA publishing network was created to give other trusted brands access to the AAA membership on a national level. After all, AAA members not only enjoy travel, they have leisure interests ranging from sports to gourmet cooking, and are passionate about their lifestyles whether they're the ultimate do-it-yourselfer or a die-hard car buff.

Collectively the AAA publications deliver reach and coverage that rival the biggest consumer magazines in the U.S. In fact, because of unprecedented membership renewal combined with new member acquisition, each of the magazines maintains positive growth year after year, increasing the combined circulation of the network.

A powerful advertising medium, the AAA publishing network combines the strength of the AAA brand, the loyalty of its members and incomparable reach - which is why some of the biggest brands in America trust their brand to ours.

AAA: A Legacy of Service
At its inception in 1902, AAA was founded on service. Across America, clubs were formed to serve as member advocates for road and travel services for the newly motoring public. This simple charter - one of trusted friend and advocate - laid the foundation for the growth of a brand that has come to embody trust, reliability and value from coast-to-coast and Canada. AAA has not wavered from that original commitment, regularly launching new products and services to meet the dynamic needs of its growing membership in a new and vastly different century.

Trust and Loyalty: Premier Brand Assets
There's perhaps no more enduring service symbol in the U.S. than the familiar AAA logo. When you consider the broad interests and different lifestyles of the current AAA membership, it's utterly conceivable that the American Automobile Association is more than 100 hundred years old. It takes a century and generations of American families to build and sustain the incomparable loyalty AAA members have for the brand. Today there are more than 56 million members, 44 association clubs and more than 1,100 local AAA offices in the U.S. and Canada.

A Hallmark of Service
While people often associate AAA with roadside service and insurance, its member benefits extend well beyond its hallmark offerings, including:
    · 22 million TourBook guides distributed annually     · 17 million TripTik routings per year     · 32 million complimentary maps provided to members each year     · Affinity credit card     · 60,000 lodges with the AAA seal of approval     · 7,000+ AAA-approved auto repair shops in the U.S. and Canada     · 80 national leading brands offering member-only discounts     · Saving members on hotels, restaurants and retail outlets with extensive discounts
      topped more than a billion dollars in 2015.

Regional Travel Magazines
Another hallmark of AAA is its regular and frequent communication with its members through its regional travel publications. Distributed to members at least six times a year, the magazines keep them informed about new services and AAA partners as well as travel news, exciting travel destinations and littleknown places to explore and discover in their own backyard. The magazines, essential AAA brand extensions, offer the same value and quality members have come to expect and, as a result, have high readership affinity.

A Powerful Marketing Partner
Not surprising, as a result of their fervent loyalty, AAA members trust everything associated with the AAA brand. Called the "halo effect" in marketing circles, it's a highly coveted and sought-after relationship, especially when two powerful brands join forces. So advertisers who partner with AAA not only gain exposure to its loyal membership - legions of influential consumers - they benefit from the implied endorsement of their brand as perceived by AAA members.

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Did you know?

AAA reaches more adults than AARP, Better Homes & Gardens, Reader's Digest or Good Housekeeping.

AAA delivers more total readers than all 5 of the Travel books in our PIB competitive set.... COMBINED!

Only People and Better Homes & Gardens reach more women than AAA.

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